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Our physical world is immense, but our knowledge of it remains limited.

Today, the online world is digital and hyper-efficient, but the offline world, the physical world, is barely digital at all and remains massively inefficient.

For billions of people, the difference between hope and despair, and even life and death, depends not on what happens in the online world, but on what happens in the physical world — the real world.

Many of the solutions to today's physical world challenges can be found in information invisible to the human senses, and at scales and combinations of phenomena that are too large or complex for the human mind to process.

THEIA is building the TSN – the Theia Satellite Network – to enable digitizing the entire earth in real time, with simultaneous granularity and scale that is unprecedented, providing the data to solve humankind’s most pressing problems.

The TSN is a transformational global infrastructure that will enable the physical activities which underpin civilized life to become dramatically more efficient, ultimately benefiting all life on Earth.

Now begins the era where the physical world finally becomes fully digital and thoroughly understood, and daily life becomes easier, safer and better.



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